Reasons Why Parts of Your Office Have Poor Connection

Janet in Accounting is complaining, again, that if she takes her laptop out into the atrium, she can’t get a good Wi-Fi connection. The break room, however, is fine. Does your office Wi-Fi have ap...

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Adapting Personal Device Policies for Extended WFH Policies

Personal Devices and Business Security Personal devices and business security are rarely considered safe to mix. It comes down to the difference between careful and casual. With workplace computers, software...


How Managed IT Services is Like Your Favorite PEO

In the 21st century, it’s hard to ignore the power of a seamless IT environment. Regardless of the industry, companies that lack strong IT support may be staying behind the competition. Hiring a large IT ...


What’s the Cost of Downtime in Your WFH Telecom System?

The new normal of the coronavirus pandemic has seen more companies rely on WFH (work from home) telecom systems to offer their services, products, and applications. As such, having a robust IT and telecom syste...


How to Create Work-Life Barriers With Remote Employees

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses into a somewhat unpredictable schedule of remote work. While working from home can provide many benefits for employees, it also has ...


Employees’ Productivity Impacted by Ergonomics at Home

Many businesses have had to send their employees home for an extended period. Some might be choosing to make the switch to remote work permanent. However, many employees did not have a proper home office, an...


WFH Policies and Procedures – 3 Essential Training Gaps

With more employees than ever working from home, many businesses are rapidly discovering training gaps in their WFH policies and procedures. In order to provide your employees with the best possible opportuniti...

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Top 4 Security Risks of a WFH Setup

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When Is It Time for a Complete Network Overhaul in Your Main Building During WFH?

During the pre-pandemic times, the open-space office was always a hive of activity with people bustling about. Fast forward to today, and the scenario is totally different. Now we have “ghost workplaces&#...

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5 Tips for Creating Secure Sign-In Processes for Remote Employees

Working from home (WFH) is a welcome idea among most workers because it offers them an opportunity to avoid daily commute, which saves on time and money. As much as that is the case, working from home presents ...