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Helping Companies Navigate Change

Unlike many traditional I.T. companies, our approach to I.T. isn't cookie cutter or brand loyalty. We are client focused. Expect us to tailor solutions to fit your needs, not the other way around. Here's how we do it:

  • Educate our clients without confusing lingo
  • Understand the needs and the wants
  • Craft and discuss a recommended solution
  • Implement, support, and follow up 

Put Our Livonia-Based I.T. Consultants to Work for Your Small to Medium-Sized Business

We are your one-stop-shop for all things I.T. in the metro Detroit area. From equipment sales, consulting and identifying exactly what you need, to the technology systems and support to keep it up and running, we are the personal, professional I.T. company you can rely on.

Managed I.T. Services

Free yourself from the worries of daily I.T. support with managed I.T. services and get back to what you enjoy.


We understand the need to easily share and edit documents with your team, even remotely.

Professional I.T. Services

We help you scale a big project with consulting, implementation & support.


Modernize your "phone system" and speed up your team. Communication is crucial for success.

Cyber Security

You can't see network security, but we can! Let us protect your data and people.


Ensure your network is running at top speed. Gain efficiency and save in hours. 

How it Works

Here is a quick insight on how we approach the conversation of tech with our clients.

Define Pain Points

Take us through the many things that frustrate you about your tech. This is not the time to hold back.

Plan The Future

Planning is one of the most tedious but critical times in the process. Our job is to make sure the blueprints we create are the same ones you imagined.

Check Off The List

There is nothing more satisfying then crossing a task off a list. We're sharpening our pencils as we speak.

Client-Service Oriented

Point number one for a reason. E & E Tech is grounded on fast response time, empathy and resolutions that aren't band-aids. When you're not working, we should be.

When you call us, we answer. Our team is focused on you, our client, to provide the best possible experience. How do we do it? Simple, we consider this our culture. We never cover our feelings in person or on the phone, we enjoy our job and are happy to do it day in and day out.


Consider Us Your Partner

More like your entire I.T. team. Your business is our business is our business. We provide leadership and help achieve your goals by offering solutions and ideas where they fit.

  • Develop goals and strategies based on business use cases
  • Plan upgrades and changes to the envoirnment
  • Plan out purchases and discuss next steps
  • Strategize business growth through tech

Cost Savings

Save time with technical support solutions that won't cripple your day. Save money with cost-analytics, recommendations and product discounts offered through us.

  • Time
    Imagine what it costs to pay an employee to sit and wait for IT to resolve an issue. Some say 7 working days a year. Lost time is lost money.
  • Efficiency
    Technology that is only 2.5% slower than the industry standard can cost your business 40 hours a year per employee. As much as we like vacation, waiting for the spinning wheel on the computer to stop is not the ideal way to spend a week.

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