E & E Tech is professional, has exceptional problem-solving skills, competitive pricing, and best of all, they’re great to work with!

As the Director of Marketing at P.A. Commercial, Lauren Wekwert knows what it takes to lead a business to success and also how crucial technology is to that process. After subpar experiences with other MSPs, P.A. Commercial was looking for a company with integrity and expertise.

Other IT providers that P.A. Commercial has used in the past had a reactive approach to I.T.– they saw that their technology was obsolete and needed updating, but instead of advising them of available solutions, they ignored the problem until it snowballed into a bigger issue.

We’ve had several other IT providers but were never satisfied with the quality of service until we partnered with E& E Tech. The key differences were how easy they are to get a hold of for IT problems and how quickly they resolve them.

Lauren Wekwert – Director of Marketing, P.A. Commercial

Here are the key differences P.A. Commercial saw when comparing E & E Tech to their previous tech support companies:


“E & E Tech helped us mitigate major issues by diligently creating a solution for our I.T. systems, and continue to improve our workflows by offering technology/software suggestions.”


 ”E & E Tech is easy to get a hold of when someone at our company has an IT-related problem and they work quickly to resolve it. At other companies, more “complicated” issues were escalated to different tiers of the help desk team, which took far too long to fix. “


“All of the help desk technicians at E & E Tech have equal capabilities and are extremely knowledgeable about both Mac and PC processors.” 


“E & E Tech stand out against our past I.T. providers because they are polite, patient, and easy to work with.”

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