The biggest benefit of working with E & E Tech is the comfort level we now have with our cyber security.”

When she started her search, Debbie Pyc the CEO of Graphic Resource Group, had a specific set of characteristics in mind for a managed I.T. service provider. She was looking for an MSP within her budget, responsive tech support, and a team who is knowledgeable about cyber security.

After our business grew, I could tell that we were in need of more consistent I.T. support.  The technician at E & E Tech impressed me with their knowledge of cyber security, which was becoming a huge concern at my company.

Debbie Pyc, CEO, Graphic Resource Group

It was important for Pyc to find a company with expertise in fortifying networks and locking down sensitive information.

She spoke with several I.T. companies before deciding that E & E Tech was the right MSP for her business and she never doubted her choice because E & E Tech has continued to improve their approach and works hard to earn her loyalty. GRG has gained a lot from its partnership with E & E Tech:


“I’m confident E & E Tech is helping us do all we can to ensure our sensitive data is safe and secure.  Their team is constantly monitoring our systems to prevent breaches.”

Shared Mission

 ”They put their clients first. It seems like they are aiming to make a positive impact and not just trying to make money. We approach our business the same way.”

Peace of Mind

“It’s comforting to know that we have access to immediate help and quick solutions.  Everyone’s very patient with us and it feels like we are a priority. ” 

Courteous Support

“The ticketing system is very simple to navigate and all of the technicians have been compassionate and helpful.”

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