“The computer person we had before E & E Tech did not know all the answers or what our needs were. He just patched our problems without solving the root of the problem.”

Linda Bywalec and her team at D & B Landscaping found themselves up in arms after recurring technology issues. They thought their computer guy would be able to fix them, but the problems kept popping up again and again.

Finding a capable I.T. service provider became a nagging need to avoid future delays in business operations. Fortunately, D & B Landscaping partnered with E & E Tech. E & E Tech has proven to be knowledgeable by producing quantifiable results and implementing a custom-tailored technology plan at Bywalec’s company.

E & E Tech has proven to be knowledgeable about our infrastructure and the team is confident and quick about fixing any issues we have. We have been extremely happy with the custom technology plan they created for us.

Linda Bywalec, D & B Landscaping

After being disappointed by her previous I.T. support, she knew the next tech partner she chose had to deliver solutions and not just quick temporary fixes. D & B Landscaping has seen many benefits from its partnership with E & E Tech:


“E & E Tech is a capable partner that gives us the help and support we need with our technology.”


 ”We can count on E & E Tech to be there when we need them with solutions that get our technology plan back on track.”


“E & E Tech understands our infrastructure and our business’s needs. They work diligently to improve our technology operations.” 

Planning and Consultancy

“E & E Tech can develop a custom technology plan for any business. E & E tech takes the time to observe and analyze your existing technology and offers recommendations tailored to your workflow.”

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